Ever lost someone? Not in a way that you’ll never see them again but in a way that you’ll never see them again. Most y’all know what I’m saying.

Well I have, and its harrowing as much as it is eye opening. Reason we each have a comfort zone is in the name its comfortable.

Compare it to that snuggle feeling you get when you’ve positioned yourself so well on a couch, most probably watching a movie or something of the sort.
Now that moment comes where for a brief second you move, and you lose that position. That feeling of awkwardness is unmistakable. You literally feel out of place. Good news is after a while you find a new position and settle.

Life kinda works the same way, at times we lose that positioning go out of our comfort zones, lose people and it sometimes hurts as hell. But soon enough someone else walks in and the void is filled, we find our new ‘positioning’.

So don’t sweat it it aint a thing life will always find its balance.


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