A beautiful heart an even more beautiful face
luminous skin, no dress could take its place
soft to the feel like silk on flesh, exhilarating feel as the fingers trace
beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but your beautiful eyes are no lie to anyone that beholds them
pretty face, gorgeous smile all crowned by an angelic name
sexy cheeks, cute depressions in my words dimples of fame
curvy silhouette, perfect figure the combination to drive any man insane
natural beauty, no plastic no cuts no pain
unparalleled beauty next to none, whoever gets her finds the one
down to earth, humble heart her beauty not a source of vanity
in her presence, overwhelmed by beauty stumbling words and uncertainty
complemented by her inner gorgeousness her beauty will last an eternity.
so if we had just only met I would have no regret.
and would be a day that i would have in stone set.


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