I don’t try to be deep, neither do i act high and mighty. Humbleness too has never been my strong suite either. I’m that guy, well confused mostly trying to understand myself.

For instance, where do I fit in or where do I belong. You see ,I’m way past the age where I so desperately try to fit in. Conformity just does not do it for me, this has however come with a price. a price we will all have to pay at certain points in our lives.

Me? well I’m paying up now, no matter how far we ran or how deep we hide ourselves in other peoples lives we have to face ourselves. the fear is not in finding outt who you rally arebut finding out that you are actually no one. We all fear irrelevance. Life however cannot be lived in fear, we only live once we die once too. Everything in life is inevitable, soon your friends will leave, find out who they really are and you can no longer hide behind them. what next? Find new friends?

That is up to you, for me I’m taking this journey, one for myself and two for all those that matter. however, the only thing I ask is patience, I have not found my place yet I will though. I have not quite understood myself either but i will soon enough.  see, if I have not figured this out yet, i do not need someone else trying to figure it out for me.You will understand me when I understand me.  We all got our own lives, to the few in mine well we can take this journey together. to those who want to be in it, sorry its full for now though I’m sure there are those willing to have you aboard. Finally to those that were once in it, thank you for the time you might have not made an impact but at least you did spend some of my time.They say that is the most priceless thing.

hey but who cares anyway it aint a thing

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