The failure in success – My fears

Is not knowing what to do the same as confusion? There are times when deep down we want something, we know what to do in order to get it but (yes there always is a but), we are either too afraid to do it or just not brave enough.
To most well its the fear of failure or rejection. However, most times these two come hand in hand. it is difficult to imagine what someone would feel when the chances of getting what they want start fading in front of their eyes. the disappointment, the pain the regret and the anger. a roller coaster of emotions a nasty ride, bitter feelings and distaste. but is really this something to fear? Well i cannot be the judge of that for i suffer the same fate.
There is a pleasant feeling in not trying. The feeling that you can always try at anytime, keeping that hope alive that when the time comes you will try an succeed. to most it is that hope, that feeling that gives purpose. It is impossible to lie to yourself but it is possible to trick yourself.

But to people like me, people who are not afraid of the rejection or failure. We are the breed that fear the success. Not knowing what to do once you have the desires of your heart. To me that is the greatest failure.

It is ironic, yes I know failure brought about by success. Stranger things have happened. But its a valid fear. What happens when you succeed in achieving what or who your heart desires?
The heart supposed to be a muscle pumping blood, life through your veins keeping you alive but it gets involved in matters and affairs, areas in life where it does not belong. This same heart that desires might not have the capacity to handle what it so desires.

Ultimately, you lose it. the loss of once having is greater than the pain of not having. this is what I fear the most.But life is about chances, not just giving them but taking them as well. So in good time I will face my fears you should too cause in the end it aint a thing.

Blessed week beautiful people.


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