papyrus reed

Putting down my quail, getting a new papyrus reed patch the last one got too moist.
I guess that’s what happens when you pen down the deepest of your emotions. Paper just cannot contain feelings, its structure is too feeble to bear burdens of the heart. However unfair this is, there is no easy way out other than facing your own monsters. Wish it was easy as slicing its head straight out of its body once it reared its ugly head.
Not the case sadly, its one of those mythical creatures hard to find, harder to kill. So here I am, third papyrus reed, hoping I can get through last two got ink blots blurring my words. Perfect symbolism to how I feel anyway, nothing makes sense anymore is it anger,misery, sadness! Whatever it is, maybe a combination of all or maybe I’m a new different kind of breed and there’s no explanation to what I feel.
There are times I’m silent but my silence hides millions of words, I just do not know how to put it. There are times when I talk too much, talking to hide the silence that is eating me on the inside. Wondering where on this earth are the genius minds, to take me apart find out what’s really wrong give it a scientific name, maybe or rather hopefully give me a cure. Life is full of life, sums up everything for me, but for now I’ll hold on to the only thing that makes sense, her.

And there goes my third papyrus reed, how will I ever get through?

I’ll just keep it together and remember that like always it aint a thing.


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