Letter to me

Dear Me,
It has been a long time coming, the road has had its bumps you have had to brace yourself for the worst a couple of times. However, this journey is not over yet, I thought why not check up on you see how you have been fairing all this time. You see the world may not care but I do.
Last time you wrote to me things were bad, you had this unresolved anger, bitterness and you were emotionally scarred, I hope all is well though. You may not believe this but I felt your pain as if I were going through it with you.
Life is full of hurdles and obstacles. To some this makes it interesting, to others it slows them down while to the majority this stops them from embarking on the journey. Where do you stand? I know your unique and will probably give me an answer that I do not expect, but I sincerely hope that it is positive.
Your young, please never forget that, time does not stop. For every minute that passes you get older, your youth fades. From your last write there is this deep sense that you are holding on to too much unnecessary stuff this is excess baggage dear friend, get rid of it. It will only slow you down. All that anger you displayed does nothing but to tarnish a good heart let it all out.
Though I hope, things are changing the bright skies, the sun shining and the cool evening winds you deserve to enjoy these little pleasures that life brings us don’t you agree? Use the time you have well, it is precious. You can choose to spend it alone but find someone (if you have not already) who is worth it and spend it with them this way life will be more fulfilling.
Time too is not in my side so I bid you farewell, here is to a bright future dear friend.

Yours faithfully,


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