Rotten apple

Nail spirit, tough to break eloquent words speak truth and preach hate
Hypocritical life the norm, the worm that has infected the apple of society
Good on the out infested on the inside, slowly eating its way eroding away
The world will soon see what has come to be a society manifested by holes
Little girls defined by their bodies, before they can define their own bodies
A society cursed by ignorance, little boys chasing the wind, pipe dreams or hallucinations from smoking weed
The stench of greed, corruption and death fragrance society proudly wears,
The fight is futile all hope lost defeat and destruction are imminent
The good parts bitten away, chewed and swallowed exposing the extent of societies rottenness
Families are planned, births are controlled good news in disguise why bring a child into such times
They will plague society with cries, of hunger, disease and pain a constant reminder of failures
The grass is always greener, that’s what they told us, same lies passed on generations to come
The suffering and pain, hierarchical those at the top less, non-existent those at the bottom bear it all
Hardened hearts, stone faces but weeping souls, the out a rough reflection of the in
Vices the order of the day, righteousness lost , good deeds turned to sins
Where does all this lead? Perhaps we will all burn in an endless abyss.


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