My life My Comedy My laugh

Ever sit back relax and think that the world is you curse?

Well I have, this year young as it is has been a source of drama, pain and random events. I am not complaining though it has been one fun two months. The vicissitudes making one hell of a ride learning how not to trust and learning how to accept the mistakes you have made along the way. It may take time before you appreciate this especially like me you are constantly bombarded by a stream of unfortunate events. Never mind the misfortunes that make their way at every turn, every decision you make is a trick. There is no right or wrong. Regardless of whatever path you choose regret lurks not far behind waiting to pounce on you like an unsuspecting prey.

But as time goes by you learn to enjoy these moments. After all by taking your time to look back you will actually laugh. My life is comical. How things go wrong, the things people say and my reactions all look like an orchestrated scene by some evil genius mastermind. This is the kind of humour that takes you by surprise kid of a hidden camera show act, where it not funny until they reveal the cameras. So I live everyday hopeful that nothing goes wrong and when it does, well I wait. I wait for my revealing moment when ill sit back and laugh my ass off at the events and wonder how gullible an individual can actually get.

These are the light moments in life that you realise the challenges you faced did not destroy you nether did they make you weak. It takes time to realize that they actually made you stronger. So right now I revisiting recent events in my life n dim sitting back, having a drink enjoying the moments. My mind is a theatre, I’m my own audience and you can bet Iam enjoying every single bit of it.

So what if your relationships don’t work out? So what you always make the wrong choices? So what you are a poor judge of character? It all aint a thing keep it real and soon enough your revealing moment will come, the best comedy is your own.

As I sign out I have this silly grin 😀 stuck onto my visage ad it aint going away, id better leave you before I burst out into laughter.

Have a good one.


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