A thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words with a thousand words I paint a picture, two birds one stone worth a million
one war a thousand swords for one war hundred souls lost fighting for not what we believe in but fighting for we have nothing to believe in uncertainty, social evils makes up the world we live in
out of the ashes a wild flower grows, its beauty defying its surroundings, a beacon of hope fed by the blood of the dead the evil and innocent as well a symbol, could good come out of evil?
Men fight at the front lines but the brave are at home, the women fighting hunger and disease hopeful children innocent eyes wondering when all will cease.
The blind are lucky their eyes are not subject to these cursed are all those who see, for there eyes cry painful tears that burn the skin, acid on flesh the pain refreshing leaving a trail of scars blackened by the sun war paint if you may.
The war that is life the battles that are challenges the rich the poor are all poor and rich the value of life priceless to be alive is to be rich what has value is not really valuable gold can be split but life is not malleable there is no change once a soul is lost once a soul is sold its gone forever.
never say never, but we ever say never some may call my play of words clever, a time has come when warm hearts are weak hearts time to pull an emotional lever freeze out become ice cold.
words from the wise read them carefully memorize for you will remember you were once told.


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