Long time coming

When life just isn’t good enough for you, when every single thing seems to be going wrong and you put on that plastic smile. That smile that shows the world your ok. That smile that tells people you are a jolly fellow/maiden. That fake smile, that smile that helps you live each day as it comes. The days that constantly beat you down, you try to get back up but you get kicked down to the dirt. But every single day you wear that smile. Perhaps apart from lying to the world, you try to lie to yourself too. Maybe if you smile long enough your brain will believe you are actually happy. You smile so hard that it has become a reflex to every scenario. Someone hurls an insult and by God you smile, someone hurts you and there you are smiling like there isn’t a care in the world.
This smile, that causes anyone that put you down anyone that thought they’d hurt you feel inadequate. In fact feel intimidated. Because a smile is our greatest weapon, when everything goes wrong and you still manage to crack a smile show the world that your happiness does not come from that one person, that person that treated you like crap or that person that constantly puts you down thinking that you seek their approval. That your happiness comes from deep inside, a source that even the world itself cannot tap into, it is that source that wields you your greatest power. Find that source, guard it. But this same source, the same source that gives you reason to smile is the same source that will lead you to a melt down. When you’ve had enough, when you can no longer take it, when your brewing a storm and all you want to do is to let it spill and rain hell on that unsuspecting bastard that has been trying to bring you down all year long. That’s your source. Believe me it feels good, and the best part is after the rain comes the sunshine and you’ll smile. My storm is coming, its been a long time coming.

Keep it real cause above all it aint a thing.


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