Taking Time

Time is a resource, a resource we all have in the same measure. However, what varies is how we choose to spend it. Its value is priceless having been equated to money.

I have no interest in how you choose to spend yours for commercial ventures, today I want to look at the social aspect. Sounds weird huh? Well not really, this is the time you take to know someone. The time you invest in trying to understand them and the time it takes you to accept them as they are their perfections and imperfections. The time you take to try and mend broken friendships, relationships and piece back together a broken mutual feeling.

This time is important it determines how our interactions evolve. Sadly though, most times we do not take the time to do so. We are a generation that is quick to anger and slow to arbitration. Many friendships are lost and with the. The potential for greater relations.

Human beings are different, its what makes us unique. Without these differences life would be boring. But from these differences arises conflict. We all expect people to change for our benefit. When they don’t, we get angry lose patience and ultimately give up on them.
But is it really fair? It would not hurt to take time and understand an individuals character. Guaranteed some of these characters are hard to deal with, mine definitely topping the list. But beneath it all is a protected gem. But without time, these are lost gems never to be discovered. The few that do appreciate its beauty and value. They understand the need to protect it so.

Finally as people interact, there those of us that give up too easy. Put up a false front of a short lived spirited fight and give up no sooner than it started. Dangerous but necessary, its not that we do not care but we lack the tenacity required to push through and prove that we do.

As for me, mine is an apology to all those that did not get to know me as I’d have wanted, to those that I did not fight hard enough for and to all those that my actions hurt. It has never been voluntary just a flaw in my being.

I wont promise to make amends but after all ot ain’t a thing right?

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