Sit back relax (reminiscent)

Sitting back and relaxing after a long day is simply blissful. Its not often you get to do it, most of the time the hustles and bustles of the day find their way home too.

Such times in their rarity are precious, these are the times I let my creative juices flow let my words run free paint literary art kind of like abstract on keyboard if you get what I mean.

These too are times I get to reminiscing, days when all i had was a 48 page single ruled exercise book a pencil and a sharpener. Erasers where a luxury mostly because they’d get frequently stolen so mistakes were highly discouraged. Those days when writing was a punishment yet fun at the same time. All I simply had to do was write 10 sentences about anything.

Then came the upgrade, a class or three higher and here, you were initiated into the world of prose writing. For most this was dreadful, the idea of coming up with coherent and well structured paragraphs was mind numbing. Some spent time loathing it, others well the challenge was accepted.

Somewhere along the way i fell in love with the art. Rosy pictures aside, it was not love at first write, no this was a long journey. From the first time I used similes (Good days) the excitement like a new drug. The highs unimaginable, then came the over dose and they lost their lustre. Soon enough i was on to a new high, proverbs and sayings and my oh my weren’t my compositions the icing to the cake ( I just had to do that). Finally i am where i am, true love yes but as complicated as it gets. No more paper, books too are becoming extinct but that love, the love of the art that never changes.

So i guess its time i take the relaxing bit more seriously it ain’t a thing. 😊


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