We’re only Human

A clear distinct image fading, edges blurring. A once dark silhouette now a shade of gray, indistinct a memory about to be lost dangling dangerously in the realms of forgetfulness. A realm where memories that hurt and truths that scar thrive abandoned by their owners. Owners chasing an illusion of happiness. After all ignorance is indeed bliss, a soul that forgets does find peace but a price is paid for one to forget they lose a part of their soul bit by bit piece by piece. Is it worth it? Anyone tormented will answer yes, any price paid is fair for the pain to cease. But all actions have ripple effects, they affect us and others in ways that we don’t see. But let me worry about me you worry about you cause times like this there’s no we there’s no meaning in being empathetic. Us, well those are words purely for aesthetics, few mean it when they say it fewer say it when they mean it. Its the thought that counts most say, but what happens when you have countless thoughts? Why’s outnumber becauses because how we act isn’t based on reason most of the time we just work at seizing opportunities. In the end it works against us, but what can I say we’re only human.



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