Bursting bubbles, reality and fantasy

When life decides its time to hit you with an overdose of reality bursting all those bubbles you had created to shield yourself from it there’s nothing you can really do about it but watch as all those pretty bubbles burst.

What you consider your whole world you see collapsing right in front of your eyes. This sudden realization can be and is overwhelming. The impact of this crashing world too much to bear for a single mind or maybe you aren’t just willing to accept the truth. Its so much safer living in an ideal world a utopia that we create for ourselves.

But this utopian mind set is damaging to both the mind and soul. The idea of a perfect life is a dream we all love to chase but perfection is just that, a dream. We often talk about the perfect wife/husband perfect family, perfect parents, perfect grades, perfect house, perfect car to such an extent that perfect has become a prefix to almost anything. This is an idea that exhausts those that pursue it leaving them incapable of enjoying what’s real. Here’s something I’ve learnt in my few years, real is never perfect. If its perfect its not real, wake up and smell the coffee either you are lying to yourself or someone is trying to create an impression of perfection to advance their own selfish agendas.

I have come to accept this, I have learnt to discern between fantasy and reality. But dont get me wrong, sometimes a little bit of fantasy is what the minds need, something to look forward to a motivation to push on. It gives a resilient spirit reason to carry on. As I mellow out and stew a little bit longer in my thoughts remember it ain’t a thing.


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