If I Die Tonight

If I die tonight will I be angry, or will I call it quits on an empty stomach hungry?

Or maybe I’ll be heartbroken and die sad. When my life begins to flash before my eyes will all i see is the life I never had?

When I face death will I cry like a little child or get wild an kick fight as I leave the world?

Or will it be slow as I watch my own life unfold?  Have all these words in me untold ideas unsold?

Will I be warm, smiling or cold? Will I have something in my hand to hold? Will I be meek or bold?

Will I have regrets on things I never said things i never did or debts I never paid? Will I see the vanity of chasing tail just to get laid?

Will I think that maybe if I should make it I should change my ways?

How soon will people get over it? Will it be a long time or just a number of days? What will the writing on my tombstone say?



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