Sugar, spice and everything nice

Its never over until its over, well at least that’s what I think. Battles are won true, but only one side wins. Never has a battle had two winners, there is no win-win just compromise. To compromise is to lose and that’s just sorry I mean why fight if you are not in it to win it?

There are times we let emotions run high, upset the balance of nature and let the heart think. At times these are the greatest moments of our lives, but you know nature: it has to find its balance one way or another so those great moments turn sour and become our most regrettable decisions. You see, the heart has a way with ‘words’ convincing the mind that its not all about logic that sometimes ‘feelings’ can be right. We hang onto this idea, that maybe just maybe this one time the heart is right. The dream of an emotional utopia; sugar spice and everything nice. For this reason, its easy to shut off logic hoping, no hopelessly clinging to that idea, that this one time its going to be different things are going to work out. You have a desire deep inside you fuelled by a notion that you are no longer the rule but the exception. Then it all comes tumbling down, the high, the thrill, the anticipation all crushed in one swing.

The feeling of desolation sets in, logic comes back into play and you curse your heart. The pain? Unbearable, how could you be so stupid? Is it even stupid to want what you want? To do what you do? To believe in something that may possibly not exist? Yes its stupid, but then again I’ve always been known to thrive in stupidity. So when the time comes again, or if I have the chance to relive past times you know what? I’ll take it because like I always say it ain’t a thing.


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