Not based on a true story

How do you describe what you never had?
How do you lose what was never yours?
You could have sworn it was real, the pain was.
The hurt, the tears, the laughter all real
Or was it just a great deception engineered by the mind commissioned by the heart?
But that touch, soft to the skin, her kiss like velvet
Her body, the silhouette of an angel: an angel of darkness maybe? sent to torment souls
An angel nonetheless, her slender fingers fragile
What then explains the grip she has? The hold that has poor souls at her beckon
Her scent, sweet, lingers: her presence always felt
Her essence, hypnosis to the masses: the genesis to sweet descent into an abyss an abyss that is her love
Love that truly never was, she an addiction her hug a drug, chasing highs to get that kick
But alas, the curse is broken, a rude awakening: its clear to see she was never meant to be
But the distance doesn’t do much, she still has the same hold on me
Its sad, no pathetic that I’d spiral down the same road again than be free
Well that’s just me

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