Bed I Lay

I had this urge to purge

Get rid of this toxin that is hate

A toxin that burns deep

Scours the soul till it bleeds

But with such a purge comes emptiness

A loss of purpose

What do I live for?

Love is not an option anymore

Hate has been my only pillar

A pillar of fire

A fire that consumed me from within

Devouring, destroying and annihilating all in its path

All that remains of my heart and soul is ash

But like the phoenix it rose again

Only to be burnt again facing the fire that never dies

A cycle of pain

A cycle of endurance

The pain was my best friend

My best friend was my only enemy

I an enemy to my enemy

In a twisted way we were all friends

But such is the bed that I made

So in silence I will lay


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