Wishing Well

Toss a coin; silver gold or copper
Toss it in the air
Watch it shimmer as the light hits
Hope, this is what it is
Wishing well and dreams
Some come true some don’t
The stones aged by time
Victim to the brunt of harsh weather
Surround the well
Its depth unknown
The familiar splash a sound many reckon
The grass is green flowers bloom
A sign of life
The wishing well where many wish well
Its waters do more than rejuvenate
To many a sad soul it gave hope and fortune
Or the fortune of hope to a sad soul that had one too many
One wish, two wishes then three
Where does it end
Does the well say no, does it ever say yes
Or is it destiny or is it fate?
Well oh well.. Its just a wishing well
Toss a coin and make another wish


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