Reality Rant

Ever felt the need to escape from reality, shield yourself from its harsh winds? I think it is normal. Sometimes we take on too much to handle pushing ourselves too far so fast that eventually we break. But what did we expect? Society has placed so much on our plates its expectations too great for us mere humans.
Take for example my generation, considered lost and stray. Everyone looks up to you and waits for you to fall. It’s just a matter of time they say. How do we live a life that is constantly under the microscope, every move and every step scrutinized? In the end, we strive to be perfect. Meanwhile, perfection is a myth so we end up chasing the monster under the bed that did not exist. When we do not find it, we feel inadequate. Things do not get easier as those around us are chasing the same myth, for a while it looks like things are working out for them. However, you know about books, covers and judging so it not always what it seems. They too are crumbling. But they look at us and see the illusion of ‘perfection’ so they dare not give up.
I do not want to point fingers and start the blame game on whose fault it is and whose it isn’t. Instead I’m taking a step back. Taking a deep breath and letting go. Yes, I said it. I am too young to please the world. The world itself is not pleased with itself. Each generation for generations has been the ‘lost’ one. Something just is not adding up. Nothing is wrong with any generation they made it. Yes we will lose some along the way, some will go on to be great people, others will change the world and most will make their own little worlds a beautiful place.
It doesn’t really matter what they say, there is no reality in trying to be perfect. So run! Run fast run far run long. Do not look back break free from society. If there’s one thing that’s as sure as the setting sun is that society will never look at you and be satisfied. So don’t waste your life trying to please it. If you want to have fun, go ahead have fun, let your hair down and go wild (responsibly of course). Because, its for moments such as that that life is made of.

After all.. It aint a thing


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