Memory Lane Walk Down Elm Street

This is the story of somebody I used to know.

You never imagine that one day you’d wake up and all that you cared about would cease to have meaning. How do I even begin to explain the feeling. It just happens, one minute you love the next you don’t.
Memories are what’s left behind. Fading memories I should say. That distinct voice in your head, that voice you thought would always calm you down soon turns into indiscernible chatter. You forget how it sounds. The pain that follows is numbing. You hate yourself for forgetting. How did it get there so fast, what happened to diamonds are forever? The pain emphasizes by the mere effort to remember.
Then the face: so fresh and intact. Voiceless but the image untainted. It too starts fading, fading away into nothingness. The clear edges now blurry the eyes a distortion of mixed up memories and emotions and finally all that’s left is a silhouette.
But its not over, how can you forget when all you remember is how you forgot?How soon a warm,presence became a cold shadow. The emptiness behind a smile is all you have left perhaps trying to convince yourself that there is happiness. After all every cloud has a silver lining right? Or every dog has its day? But what does every heart have? A beat? What if the beat is the sound of a drum? A drum announcing death?
Whose death? Well dont ask me.. This is all about somebody I used to know. The name? I dont even remember. The feeling? Its like it was never there. Me? Well I have that empty smile so fill in the blanks.

It aint a thing.


One thought on “Memory Lane Walk Down Elm Street

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  1. I love what bestie is writing am inspired…. So much….
    Am deeply touched…. 🙂
    with a bestiebmentor like this what more can I ask??
    Wirite more and more….. Am craving:)


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