Don’t Ask

Don’t ask me to take a leap faith when you haven’t kissed the lips of faith
Don’t ask me to change, I am who I am and I am the best at it
Don’t ask me for my name find one for me
Don’t ask me why I do this enjoy the show at the end leave
Empty seats are the best company apart from me finally
I’ve never been the perfect fit sadly but I’m perfect at it
Suppose you are who you say are and I am who I say I’m not
We all end up in a web caught thought provoked trust broken
Hurt by words not spoken emotions not shown
What I was after I got what you were I’m afraid not
Its not my fault at least not by default whatever blame I got you chose
So don’t ask me if I’m alright I’ve been doing fine all my life
Don’t ask me why because we both know I’ll lie
Don’t ask for a second chance the first was all we had
Because after the second definitely comes the third
Then the fourth then the hate then the text in the middle of the night with my name
What’s best is not to ask its good for you better for me but best for us
If this brings more questions just remember.. Don’t ask


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