Rants and Raves

Ever had an idea but you had no idea on how to actualize it?
Well this is how this started at first. You know how you lose touch with a close friend then years later on some weird twist of fate paths cross and conversation is sparked like the two of you had never been apart? Well me neither but I’m thinking it’s the same feeling as soon as I begun to type away.
There has been so much debate on the ‘ideal partner’. Everybody has an opinion on the subject matter and as much as they are entitled to it, they should realize when some lines are crossed. Anyway, let me get to the most rudimentary definition of the term.

Partner: A partner according to the Oxford English dictionary is“A person who takes part in an undertaking with another or others, especially in a business or firm with shared risks and profits”

“Either of two people dancing together or playing a game or sport on the same side”

“Either member of a married couple or an established unmarried couple”

“A person with whom one has sex; a lover”

The most common notions of the term are derived from the third and fourth definition. People generally associate a partner with relationships and sex. Stop me anytime if I’m on the wrong track. However, it is uncanny how the same people have found ways of integrating the first definition into the third and fourth.

From the earliest of times, a business has always had one main objective: To make financial profit. Fast forward a few centuries into the future and it has become an idea, no, actually a mindset that one has to gain financially from any relationship they are engaged in.

Should we blame the capitalistic nature of the society, the media, parents or ourselves?
Let me put this into perspective “financial gain + sexual favors = prostitution” (You can still stop me if I’m wrong)

It’s not uncommon to find ad’s in the lonely column of dailies where men and women are explicitly seeking “financially stable” partners.
While it is okay to want a “secure” future, nothing in life is guaranteed.

I really envy our parents and their parents. They lived in a time where companionship was the rule. Marriages and courtships had nothing to do with the financial stature of an individual. In fact, they lived in a time where once a man had a wife she would be his source of inspiration to build wealth for their family.

Building a house from the ground up is more fulfilling than moving into an already built house.

As I earlier stated, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions. However, think about this for a minute: If you are sincerely worried about your financial future and that of your future children what stops you from creating your own wealth? Why the incessant need to piggyback on someone else’s hard work? But hey I can rant you can rant we can all rant

It aint a thing


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