Born in the 90s

I am a 90s kid. I am proud to say I look back at my childhood with nostalgia. Yes, we did not have 50 inch plus television sets with internet capability, or an x-box console to console us day after day night after night. The only latest game I had to worry about was ‘cops and robbers’ and how I’d up my speed in order to catch ‘criminals’ or to evade ‘law enforcement’.

Those were the days where insomnia, well, it did not exist. I came to learn of it years later after the onset of the internet and the advent of my growing addiction to it. Food for thought, you do realize internet and insomnia both start with an I? coincidence? I think not.
Kids nowadays look forward to the holidays for all the wrong reasons, they want to play video games, they want to get on Facebook, they want to increase their popularity on twitter and they want to stay glued to their 4 inch screens maybe 7 in some cases all day staying connected.

We didn’t have this problem. If I needed to hit up any of my friends I’d go out of the house (put on a sweater of course otherwise my mother would kill me) run, yes, run to my neighbors house and knock on their door. When their mother opened up, I would then immediately put to use the mwiko etiquette my mother instilled in me.

Mwiko etiquette is anytime you got beat for not saying sorry, please, thank you and welcome.

That was a time when we were not concerned about looking ‘good’. My mother would singe handedly dress me from head to toe and I couldn’t raise a voice in protest lest that voice be quickly converted into a slap and the infamous ‘ungrateful’ child speech. I remember they were times after a bath I would stand completely stark naked and wait for my mother to come and pick what clothes were going to grace my body. Now, I do not know what that says about been independent but we grew up fine. In fact, more than fine. We are among a generation that the world will never see again.

I am proud to be a part of it and as I am on this path to greatness let us all remember it aint a thing.



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