What Gives

Sometimes you’re scrolling through your timeline and you come across a post or two. Now these posts are not your normal ‘Having a blast’ posts these are posts that depict personal details of your life and relays them to the world.

Now, as an individual that loves having his privacy respected I respect the autonomy that comes with having a social media account. The account is solely yours, what you post is solely your responsibility and if the world doesn’t like it they can go jump off a cliff right?


You see you’re not only responsible for what you right but are responsible for the reactions they invoke.

You cannot have details of your personal life out on the internet at the same time complain when someone makes a comment about it. The same way you exercised autonomy in posting what you felt was right is the same way the commenter has autonomy to respond to it the way they see fit.

Its all about internet etiquette. Would you at a bus station stand next to a random stranger and start pouring out details of your life?

What then makes you think its okay to do the same on the internet? On merit that you can’t see the other person then its alright? You can’t be as stupid as that.

Yes I said stupid, because its time someone schooled people on this behavior. If an aspect of your life goes wrong, sort it out. Do not involve your internet buddies soliciting empathy and/or sympathy from anyone willing to lend an ear.

Worse still are people that have the nerve to call themselves mature but go ahead to bore us with their trivial issues. Okay you got dumped.. What now? Do you think a like will mend your heart?

What about the ‘staunch’ christians whose every breath is the faith they have. As soon as something goes wrong they are on their social media taking the righteous high horse distancing themselves from fault and letting God be the judge. What happened to the faith? What God are you approaching on social media? I do not see any God commenting on your status, what you are doing is soliciting reaction from ‘friends’ trying to absolve yourself of fault. Doesn’t the faith you preach and practice mean that all your burdens should be cast to Him? Doesn’t God instruct you to go to Him in prayer? But there you are on social media announcing to the world what’s wrong with your life. A life we have no prerogative over, a life we did not help you live, a life only your creator understands.

So yes I am bitter, I want this read and understood. I am not about making friends with this or appeasing anyone. Words need to be spoken, people need to know when they are wrong.

It aint a thing.


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