Purple Flowers Purple Haze

Purple flowers purple flowers
Purple flowers fall in autumn
Browning leaves why do the good leave
Why do the blind see what the seeing don’t
That it’s not about haves and have nots
But we humans are an ungrateful lot
Human beings that know nothing about being human
Each better than the next in a quest to be super human
The rain falls beats on the dry earth dry earth now wet mud
The sunshine gone we get mad we get mad for what we had
What we had overshadows what we have
What we have eclipsed by what we never had
Insatiable, like the sea with rivers filling it
Humanity gone, the little left we’re killing it
Sunsets just another reminder of what the heart wants
Work harder put in overtime
Lose sight of what’s important over time
Like the leaves in autumn browning and dying
The wind blows us away the memory fades


Purple flower purple flowers on a bright sunny day
Jacaranda petals that pave the cold black tarmac
Dried leaves crackle under the hunter’s feet
A cool wind blows whispers a message of hope
He takes a deep breath holds steady takes aim
Trigger finger twitches, brown doe with a young fawn in sights
One eye closed he exhales ready to shoot heart cold as ice
The wind rustles the doe the fawn runs natures fighting chance
The boom echoes the doe thuds to the ground
The hunter loses balance cocks for another round
But the fawn is gone probably to mourn at the crack of dawn
Of a love she knows that’s no more of a ma’ that’s long gone
Till the purple fades into shades of grey by herself the cold she’ll brave

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