Lets dance in the rain…

“Babe, promise hutawai wacha kunipenda”

i phone messages

This right here is a gut buster. It doesn’t matter if you braved the knife at 16 and killed a lion with your bare hands in the Mara you’re balls will shrink and you end up looking like a four year old toddler who’s ma is worried because the testicles haven’t dropped yet.

You could have Osama bin laden facial hair with a voice that booms more than a quail business owned by some chap hailing from the central part of the country and probably had your abs touched more times by women than Bien in a sauti sol video but mark my words… It doesn’t matter.



man-with-beard-cartoon-md Those are the five words from hell or… Maybe not. They must be from the stage before you get to hell. Words from hell have got to be “is it in yet” give or take a few variations of the phrase depending on who the girl is and/or if she has heavy ghettoism influence.

Anyway back to the matter at hand… Those five words are especially excruciating if you know the answer will have her withdraw conjugal rights forever and earn you a spot as one of Kenya’s notorious heart breakers.

But lets be real for one second… “hutawai”… That shows continuous present tense if my English serves me right. It loosely means forever. Forever!? Hold up… Even the iPhone 6 has a one year warranty and lets be honest a guy would probably love that longer.

*ducks at imaginary shoe thrown by imaginary angry girls*


But lets talk about the future that we are so philanthropically inclined to indulge in. Here’s my future in a nut shell… I do know I will wear a fresh pair of boxers tomorrow-not so sure on the socks though.

Its called living a day at a time. Why spend so much time worrying about a future that is far far away – that’s why they call it future and forget to live in the moment?

Enjoy the moment… Most importantly enjoy it with me. Lets dance in the rain when it rains not go looking at weather forecasts and buying umbrella 6 months in advance. Basically the more immersed you are in my moments the higher the chances of future moments.

Dance-In-The-RainBut that’s just me.

The Rackster.


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