Illicit drug, forbidden love and raging passions: Telepathic forces

A writers writing style, creativity and resolve are all an extension of their personality. A writer may be clammed up, silent and oblivious to the world around him – often getting tagged as arrogant, proud or just plain old rude. Well, here’s something you should probably chew, on a writer lives in two worlds – the real world and the real world.

A writer can create an alternate world through their words. Call it fantasy, delusion, or crazy but we are who we are and we are proud of it. Half the time we have ‘realists’ who want an escape from ‘reality’ and who do they turn to? Case closed.

“Great power comes with great responsibility” no one understands this as much as a writer. You might have heard of the phrase “the pen is mightier than the sword,” even the bible cautions about speaking because once a word goes out it can never come back. A writer wields the ability to mold words into anything they fancy. Lust? We can instill it. Hate? We can propagate it. Love? We can create an illusion. Passion? We can ignite it.

We can make you hate the very fabric of society and make you laugh at the same damn time. We are that forbidden love, that illicit drug, you cannot do without us. There is no escape, you will always come back. That’s the power we have, that’s the power we use. Some for good, some for bad, and others just for themselves. Many a time a poor soul messes around and gets addicted; trapped in a world of words where letters are puzzles and sentences are riddles. They cannot find their way out – it consumes them. Engulfed in flames of passion, frozen by the cold grip of revenge, drunk with love, high on hearty laughs, clouded by tears of pain, choked by the stench of regret and finally an unhealthy attraction to characters. By extension, they become a part of the character, glimpsing into the mind of the writer. A seemingly innocent connection – but it’s not.

We control the mind, and in essence we control everything. We are telepathic, we use words TO put thoughts into your head, images, sounds, scents and above all ideas.
So I don’t know about you but I think we deserve respect, no, reverence. You have no idea what we gon do with all that power…

power kanye


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