triumphTwo years down the line and it’s been one hell of a ride. I never thought that I’d make it this far, but then again man has always been limited by what he thinks. I am a writer and a writer is me. It is what defines me. Down to the very core, coded in my DNA and running through my veins. My blood along with the platelets, white cells and the red blood cells flows with rhyme, imagery, consonants, vowels and the alphabets themselves.

My most fulfilling relationship I might say, it has had more ups than downs. Writing has been my own fortress of solitude when I needed sweet escape from bitter truths. I’ve built castles and I’ve lived in them. I got bored and I burnt it all to the ground. My words are my legacy and my stories are my kingdom. Together we have built a dynasty. A dynasty that will be remembered – no, a dynasty that must be remembered.

Two years ago I took the metaphoric one step to the journey of a thousand miles.

The journey has just begun; it is not over until the fat lady sings, sings and sings until she is fat no more. Until her own voice becomes synonymous with the ages and her song – a song I’ll have written will echo through out eternity. A song that will resonate among the ears of peers and admirers. A song of victory? Perhaps. A song of misery? Maybe. But a song nonetheless.

Not much awe, not much humor, not much satire but a self monument to the greatness of the power of words. A celebration to the life to be lived and the legacy to be left. A celebration to the scores behind us that will snort every line we write for the chase of a single high. To the spirits raised and to the souls uplifted. To everyone that relates and finds comfort in knowing they are not alone. To the smiles etched on people’s faces, the echoes of laughter that brought death to melancholy. That is one hell of a celebration.

My readers are at the helm of this celebration, because what are words if they are not read? To the most notable ones; consider this a personal dedication. For all the hours spent poring through thousands of words trying to connect with the soul behind them. The nights spent reminiscing over memories shared and the times a tear would roll for you share the pain with me. The readers are the unsung heroes. In my song, your voices will be heard. Your appreciation never forgotten. So let’s journey on and make this a life to remember!


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