Hope you don’t enjoy

By Priscilla Kabiru aka Pretty Prissy

Sooo… I dunno whether to start with greetings…but here’s a start. Howdy earthlings? Lol that’s totally lame – I agree. Anyway I’m kinda nervous. It’s my first piece of writing that will be read by more than four eyes (I don’t wear glasses) just in case there’s one out there thinking within the box. Oh shit! Here goes nothing (mark those words).

A little about myself… I’m a girl grown and blossomed(don’t picture Corazon or Vera etc- I just don’t like raising peoples hopes et al where no raising need be) I’m old enough to write and read and watch by myself *wink*, basically just another Jane doe in town. I usually write when I’m sad and stressed out – the high that gets me to open up my world of thoughts using the good old method of pen/pencil on paper(they still exist btw) but I’m not currently using them. I’m totally sober, no needle, blunt, sniff or snort, or shot or gallop… just me! I’m in a mat and Aston martin is playing – my thoughts are distracted :(. I loove the song – and no, it’s not my song… quite a collabo though. Ooh I forgot to tell, I’m from the diaspora aka Rongai. Yes that distant land… While I try to write this in a mat with booming music and flashing lights… I actually think I saw a disco ball in one of these mats… Wait for it… Haha I’m not kidding. But if there’s no such thing, blame my thoughts. I must have been drowsy. There’s a mini bar on this one I’m in… We, well we have our ones on the road, not for!  I’m just messing with you laughing lol. I’m sleepy – drowsy cos of sleep, oh sweet sleep!

I’m travelling most of the time from home to work and viceroy oops oh I mean vice-versa… Excuse my drowsiness. So the only chance of sleeping I get is like 4 hrs, at home and three in traffic… A right as a person from Rongai I’m denying myself writing this shit.

Here comes my stage. Bye… hope you (I’m not gonna say enjoy cos I certainly didn’t) so as i was saying… Hope you remember my words telling you about nothing. If you don’t remember you are definitely on the right track.


Well, I don’t know where to start. We have had back and forths me telling her she should start a blog her giving me excuses. It’ like a tumultuous relationship with myself – basically because I think she is the female version of me. But finally she did do a post. I hope she gets the hang of it. Thanks Priscilla,  no photo of you because I know you want to remain anonymous. For more on her work pester me to pester her! 


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