Shut Up! Stop Complaining.

By Liz Ekakoro

My friend, I don’t remember the last time I complained.  Find out why I stopped.

*As I got mama screaming at me to always use my towel after shower,
someone used it first when they got to high school because it was
compulsory. I had to be pinched a little before spreading my net,
someone was sleeping down on a sisal sack.

Eating was another fight, I am yet to overcome.  I took offense that
I was forced to eat, or had to be reminded every now and then. I know
millions are starving.

I wet my face because I scored 78% in my chemistry cat. My desk mate
was happy she got 50. Was I selfish? No, just not content.
I was mad that mama didn’t get me a toaster when I joined campus, like
bread would reject me un-toasted.

But I looked around me, none really cared to know what a toaster was, or what it did. Lost I was fed up with spectacles. I thought God chose to punish me. Then it hit me, grandpa lost his sight. He only imagines how I look like. I thanked God for my sight.

I hated my voice. I couldn’t hear myself at times. I withdrew. Until I
saw the dumb, I thanked God for my tiny voice.  Then I saw necks
turning whenever I spoke.

Sometimes, I think I am skinny. I check on how to gain weight, ha ha ha
Then I realize some are starving to lose weight, to get somewhere
closer to me. I feel like hiding my face whenever I see a nappy rash,
then I wonder what those with burnt skin or greater defects will do.
There’s more to life.
The list is endless…. I just  stopped complaining.

We are all better in either way.
Don’t focus on what you don’t have, enjoy what you have. Many wish
they were where you are, it is their dream.

So any time you want to complain, be grateful for what you have and
better your best or  just shut up!


Liz Ekakoro is what I might like to think of as a friend. A friend in a distant land. In her distant world she uses words to feel closer to home. Follow her journey and visit her works at the diaspora messenger. Thank you Liz



3 thoughts on “Shut Up! Stop Complaining.

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  1. You’ve given me a wakeup call from constant nagging. I think I too complain a lot and from your illustration, my first new year resolution is to be content with what I have and where I am in my journey to where am going and what I aspire to achieve.


  2. Good stuff Liz! I couldn’t agree more…there’s no person more beautiful than a person who lives a life of contentment…doesn’t mean one should settle for mediocrity…but appreciate the little blessings that come from God daily…for gratitude opens doors that hard work, brains and privilege may not be able to open sometimes.


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