The root of all evil

root of all evil

The mind is a powerful tool. It is an instrument of our desires. We are what we think and our only limitations are those we impose on ourselves.

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” – Buddha

This quote puts things into perspective. So forget about money being the root of all evil, our thoughts are the root of all evil. We live in an evil world not because we have money; it is an evil world because our thoughts are not pure.

The very fabric of humanity is weaved around what we think. Ask yourself these questions: What do you think about? Is it good? Does it improve your own wellbeing? Does it portray others in negative light? Are you selfish with your thoughts – always thinking about yourself? All these factor in to our behavior. It might not seem like much now but over time these thoughts manifest themselves and eventually shape who we are as human beings.

A few days ago a woman was stripped naked at a bus station for supposedly wearing revealing clothes. By now you have heard all feminist views on how this is wrong, how a woman is responsible for herself, and has prerogative over what to wear. Well, they are right!

However, I am not here to join the skirt wearing community in a bid to push their mini-dress, bikini and thong agenda! I am here to call out all hypocrites; namely… You and me! How many times have you walked down the street and seen a lady in a short dress? How many times have your eyes followed this woman, lusting for her flesh? You like many other men have probably undressed her in your minds and had your way with your thoughts. So what makes you so different than the barbarians who undress a defenseless lady on the street? Nothing, you are just a thought away from doing the same thing!

So before you go out to condemn these men for their ghastly acts, think about yourself and your thoughts. The only way we will see any real change is if this change starts with you.


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  1. So what makes you so different than the barbarians who undress a defenseless lady on the street?

    It all comes down to self-discipline and self-control. That one step, that they chose to take that I didn’t, is what makes the difference.
    One thing you have to make clear is; the only thing we have control over in this world is our thoughts and it’s a choice whether take control of it or think in a pipe(mob mentality).


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