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Shadrack #TheRackster is an amazing blogger. So thoroughly amazing that he gets the honour to make the first guest appearance here. You can find more of his work at https://shadtherackster.wordpress.com/ Hope you enjoy this, and enjoy #TheRackster even more!

Standards are being set left, right and center. There are more standards on the internet than in a news paper delivery van. Immaturity has been linked to driving a blue Subaru impreza, going out of town for raunchy gigs with ratchet girls and struggling to pay loans for a Toyota!

This brings me to my phenomenon as to why most of us are single. You see the ladies are looking for a mature man… Read – rich, sexually inactive and submissive! The only men that fit this description have wives!
Then there are people like me, I don’t drive a Subaru but I see them vrrooming past me with their characteristic…

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