Not my lady kryptonite


She should make me weak at the knees my tummy should turn like I’m riding the high seas
But it doesn’t I’m as calm as can be she tries but she just does not see that she is not my kryptonite

We had a talk last night bout how we always fight bout how she’s always right bout how she’ll leave, she wasn’t sure though so she said might
It should have meant something right? I should have hugged her tight, and been scared to lose her that night, but I didn’t she just isn’t my lady kryptonite

When we kiss her eyes are closed mine are not
She kisses from the soul she loves me whole
Something’s missing though there’s a big gaping hole
She takes this seriously I take it as a joke she cries and I lol
She is miss sunshine smiles bright buy sadly she isn’t my lady kryptonite

I want to feel lost in her eyes stuck in her gaze too deep to leave lost in her love maze
Every morning our love should grow I should be her Clark Kent ready to save the day
I should probably change the way I think maybe I’ll amaze myself and love her ways
Maybe I would amend my ways have my heart skipping beats for days maybe I will see the light
Not today though, not ever. You see she is not my lady kryptonite.

It was just a sad song a harp played by angels with burnt fingers and crippled wings
You were not my lady kryptonite it was just one of those things a flimsy fling attached with too many strings
Now she’ll say she was hurt coz w what it seems we wont talk she will only scream
Put the blame on me baby I will take one for the team and one last other thing
Before you take on that bitter drink coz you think I broke your dreams and clipped your wings
Before you self destruct for weeks sucking random dicks and becoming that chick
Before you slouch on the couch eating potato chips feeling ouch
Remember just cause you didn’t make me weak doesn’t mean you didn’t make me strong
Even if wasn’t long enough your heart still will forever sing our song of love
That sweet reggae vibe coz even if you were not my lady kryptonite you were my ride or die bomboclat


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