The Black Widow

AFP/Getty 510302698

Their voices were barely whispers, the hushed tones sounded urgent. They could hear the doors being broken in next door.

“What will we do?” Jane asked

“Be, quiet!” Joe was curt.

Groping around for her knickers Jane knew she had made a mistake. Joe acted cool but in the silence of the room the distinct thud of his beating heart was all she could hear. He was putting on his shirt when the footsteps finally stopped outside their door. There was a hard abrupt knock.

“Open up!” A voice shouted. It was loud, raspy and deep.

Jane broke into a cold sweat – despite the room being uncomfortably hot.

“We shouldn’t have come here Joe.” Jane whispered.

From inside their room they could hear footsteps and hushed conversation. The footsteps moved away and for a brief moment they thought everything was going to be okay. Suddenly there was a heavy burst of gunfire and the door was riddled with bullet holes as light streamed in offering some illumination. Jane saw her knickers on the door handle, her expensive lingerie now had bullet holes. Joe was cowered under the bed with his hands over his head. Shivering like a twig in the wind Jane was petrified as she stood naked behind the curtains. Blood oozed from her chest as she fell onto her knees.

“Joe… Joe.. J-o-e” she desperately called out. She was grasping her neck, the blood oozing out. She had been hit. Joe was still under the bed, covering his ears. The gunfire subsided. He could hear the voices outside laughing as they left.  He still did not have the guts to get up. He closed his eyes wishing everything would come to an end.  He could hear Jane’s weak breathing, moans of pain and the gurgle of blood as it streamed out of her wounds. This was nothing like he had seen or heard before. This was the type of thing that happened in movies.

But he knew it was coming – sooner rather than later. You see Jane was not an ordinary girl. Jane was the girlfriend to Tarimbo – a known, feared criminal mastermind. Apparently he did not take to well to sharing his girl. Joe had always been careful and always used a condom, but today was a new lesson on safe sex.

Getting up he made his way towards Jane’s body. She was writhing in pain, her eyes teary. Looking up into his eyes she managed a weak smile.

“Tell me it was worth it…” she said followed by a cough.

“Hang on Jane, hang on. I will get help” James replied as he rushed out of the room.


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