Two in the Bush

lesbian love

“This doesn’t feel right” Annie said.

She was squirming trying to set herself free from Jackie’s hold. Jackie was muscular – in some way. Her sleeveless rugged denim jacket showed off the distinct muscle groups as she pinned Annie to the wall.

“Then why did you come?” Jackie asked
“I don’t know, curiosity maybe?”
“Let’s kill it then. Don’t you think?”

Their voices were barely whispers, hushed tones in a mall cubicle. There wasn’t much room. Jackie’s eyes shimmered with lust, her breathe slow and heavy. The strong scent of her cologne overwhelming Annie. She let go and took a step back.

“Go on, try them on” she said, pointing to a red dress that lay in a limp lump. Annie bent over to pick up the dress fiddling with its silky helms. She begun unzipping her white floral dress and a glint caught Jackie’s eyes. She hadn’t noticed the necklace before – it was small, almost delicate and gold. Taking a step towards Annie whose back was towards her Jackie spoke.

“Where did you get that?”

Instinctively Annie’s hands went for her neck as she played around with the chain. She smiled and there was the slightest flush on her cheeks. Jackie noticed and she felt rage boil deep within her.

“He gave it to me”
“Yesterday, our anniversary.”

Jackie sneered. She knew Annie was married but see she had feelings for her. When she had shared these feelings Annie was nice about it – Annie was always nice about everything. At first she was flattered until Jackie’s unrelenting efforts aroused her curiosity. They had once shared a kiss and Annie got so scared that she forced herself to forget it ever happened. Then it happened again, and again. Now it was a fully fledged affair. Mayan would die if he ever knew. But he mustn’t know!

“So what does this mean?”
“I don’t know, maybe we should end things” Annie shrugged

Jackie hit the cardboard wall with her fists a glimmer of rage darting across her eyes. She took one step towards Annie cornering her again. This time she did not plan on letting her go. A scared Annie forgot she had unzipped her dress. She stretched out her hands to stop Jackie from advancing and her dress slid off her body like milk in a brown calabash. The silence between them grew, all that was left was their breathing. Looking into each others eyes the air was pungent with passion and guilt. Annie did not realize that she was holding onto Jackie until Jackie leaned in.

“No, don’t” Annie whispered.

Jackie did not reply and let her lips linger close enough to Annie’s. A few seconds passed that seemed like eternity and Annie grabbed them, she sucked onto them like a starving baby would its mother’s nipples. Why was it so hard to say no she thought to herself.


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