Why Kenya needs more gays*

This is going to be one of the hardest posts I’ve ever had to write. I have allowed society to dictate my thoughts. I have always been too scared to think beyond what I have been told. We are never really free from the chains of society until we accept who we are.
Where am I going with this? I am sure the title captured your attention. Ever heard same love? It’s a song by Ryan Lewis and Macklemore… Or so I think. In a nutshell it is a song that goes on about being gay.
For so long we have lived in a world where our sexuality was defined by our religion, society and friends. We have been too scared to think outside the box. We have been too quick to victimize anyone for being different. We have gone to an extent of criminalizing an act that we do not understand. Well, today I want to give a shout out to the LGBT community.
They are a group of brave people that decided to swim against the current. It is not an easy task, given what they have had to face in a country that wants them dead. If this does not define courage, then I don’t know what does. It is not a big secret, we all are scared of them not because they are dangerous but because we do not entertain foreign ideas. We are not secure in who we are as sexual beings. We think that they represent a change that is coming, a change that will force all of us to be like them. We have never been so wrong.
I am not saying that religions are wrong, but let’s take a long and critical look at how far religion has brought us: wars, death, hate, segregation, poverty… the list is virtually endless. It is a messed up doctrine that subjects the mind, heart and soul to slavery. Bare with me for one minute here as I explain: You see I am a Christian and from the basics that I picked up as a little kid brought up by a Christian family is that the whole fundamental of being a Christian is to be like Christ.
Now look at where we are, all this hate that is being propagated in the churches in the name of revivals, salvation and deliverance is alarming. I believe in love, I believe that love is the only thing religion should preach. If love is the core teaching then why do we hate the homosexuals? It does not make sense to me. It feels as if we live in a world where it is okay to make exceptions if it does not appear to go down well with our beliefs. Nobody bats an eyelid when teenagers are involved in sexual activities because we say it is normal. Well, this is a sin but according to us we have ranked these sins and as it seems we have chosen the lesser of two evils. We have created a society that rules on fear – a fear that is slowly dissipating. Because as much as we try to stamp things we do not understand as ‘bad’ then we will never progress.

I chose the LGBT community as a subject for my post because they are the only group that represents true freedom. They left their judging hats outside the door and they accept people for who they are (gay or not). It is not hard to see why an unwanted, isolated, and confused young person would find solace among such people. They are what society should be, they are what religion should be, they are the very embodiment of teachings that we have been brought up with. The simple fact that their sexual choices are different from ours what makes them bad?
A group of people that have risen above their fears, they have chosen to be happy… or should I say gay? As much as religion is pushed down oour throats they have never pushed their ideologies down anyone’s throat. Their message is simple and clear: They want to be heard, they want to be recognized and they want to be accepted – not subjected! Because subjected is what we are – the whole lot of us. Subjected to live under oppression: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and sexual.
Kenya will see an upsurge in the LGBT community; you can take this to the bank and pay your rent with it! You know why? Because, even if we continue to hate them, we cannot change what they represent. They represent a revolution! They have the largest pair of cajones you have ever seen, they have looked into society’s ugly face, spat on it, slapped it and flipped the bastard off! They have forced many to think outside their conventional boxes, they have broken the locks to so many cages and are setting free spirits.
Here’s the best part, to join them you do not even have to be gay, lesbian, bi sexual or transgender. Because theirs is a movement of the mind and once the mind is free well…


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