The Silver Bullet

The stand was made of pure silver and stood magnificently in the middle of the pulpit. Shaped like a cross the lights would reflected off of it on an ordinary day and it would glimmer – much like the radiance of the one they worshipped. But not today, the hall was dark and an eerie wind blew. The whistle echoed. A few windows that had not been tightly shut cringed on their hinges. Only a small light at a room that was to the left of the pulpit could be seen through the cracks of the shut door.

“Thank for gathering at such short notice” an old short man with white hair begun.

The room was small and almost full to the brim with the six bulky men it accommodated. Two were clad in blue jeans and black t-shirts that showed the bulge of their humongous muscles. They were brothers – twins to be precise. One had on a low hanging cap, white long neck pullover with a shimmering gold chain threatening to snap at the sheer size of his neck and floral beach shorts coupled with brown sandals. So much for his fashion sense. He looked odd but his piercing gaze was terrifying so much so that his own reflection must have been afraid to tell him how he looks. The remaining three all had black suits on. The intricate nature of their stitches could only signify one thing – they were top end Italian designs. Standing in the middle was the man that had spoken. He looked frail and tiny compared to his colleagues. However his voice commanded presence and sent a few chills down the spines of many.

“We have a problem” he continued
“Captain Opondo was here again”

The room burst out into murmurs and outrage as a few of the men thrust their fists into their palms. Maybe they imagined that being the face of one captain Opondo.

“What did he want?” Asked the man in beach shorts
“Yes what did he want?” Reiterated one of the twins.
The murmurs sparked off again. The old man let everybody air their theories to each other before raising his hands. Calm fell.

“He does not want to be bought off”
“He says he does not have a price”
“He is hell bent at taking us down”
The man let out a sarcastic chuckle as the last statement rolled off his tongue.
“Us?! Imagine?! Stupid fool”
The room also burst into laughter and this broke the eerie silence in the church hall. He raised his hands again and everything fell silent.

Captain Opondo was a police officer with the organized crime department. In all his thirty years of service he had never accepted a bribe. He was virtually incorruptible. This got on the nerves of many criminals. They did not want to be careful, they wanted to own the system. It bothered them that they could not buy Opondo. Worse still Opondo had a crop of young officers in whom he saw a little bit of him. He was grooming them to be just like him. Together they were unstoppable. They had put a stop to one too many operations and had made many enemies along the way. Captain Opondo was living testament as he watched as his own wife was slaughtered in cold blood carrying their unborn child. Two of his team members had been gunned down on their way home and a few had been scared away. His resilience was admirable especially in the face of such adversaries.

Over the years Opondo had been tracking down a certain criminal gang known as the sixty six. It was funny because they were only seven men – the leader and six henchmen. They were supposedly behind the killing of his wife after he botched an operation that cost the gang hundreds of millions.

He lit up a cigarette as he watched from a distance. Drawing on the tobacco stick filled him with a sense of purpose. He exhaled deeply as he monitored the church compound. Captain Opondo knew the sixty six had come in. This was their base. He had rustled the nest and now the birds had come home to brood. The coarse smoke of the cigarette filled his lungs and he exhaled. Dropping the stick he unceremoniously put it out by stomping it out of existence. He never smoked a whole cigarette a habit he picked up as a young recruit climbing up the ranks. Walking to his grey Toyota Opondo’s plan was already in motion.

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