Glad its over

pretty prissy

I dunno who came up with the sayings and idioms, metaphors or whatever they are called about being positive. Just to quote one,’ you either choose to see a glass with water as half empty or half full’ something of the sort, I’m not so sure. But then again pardon me…I’m not sure of many things today. aha!  I was looking for the word quote, up there…tada!  I discovered it all by myself. super cool right? If it’s not don’t burst my bubble…that just counted as one of my highs in 2014.

Sad/pathetic life she must have…there goes some judging minds. I don’t mind you, actually I’m not judgemental at all and to show that Imma admit it that I would think that too, the sad life thingy. (*whispering* Haha talk about consoling judgemental people).

A profoundly shitty year it has been ..that said and out  there…I go back to the quote n I admit that I’m one of the people who are targeted by such! Before I continue ..I’m lying on my bed claded in the classic white top (though not linen) n blue jeans hanging beautifully off my waist-all fifty shades readers understand me. Well that’s another high of 2014.

Where were we..oh the shitty year and being negative. I choose and will continue seeing things the half empty glass kinda way. I have my reasons…

There’s no pain worse than loosing someone you love. Speaking of love…it sucks!!! and guys… I don’t mean the suck you enjoy – don’t get excited. To make it worse there’s no way you can get over it or reverse it – like ever!!!! Then love…hmmmh so much has been said about love by people worldwide and most commonly by the french (such a cliché) who you can’t argue with, I mean they are French – weird accent and different language. You definitely can’t argue with someone you don’t understand. But what I’ve learnt is that it is symbolized by a color! Which also happens to be the color used to mark ‘the spot’ n in warning symbols all over for instance – road signs… like bumps ahead, uuumh that’s all I have on the road signs. But I’ll have more once I go to driving school – and someone please remind me to renew my DL these kanjo askaris are a nuisance!!!

No need for a French revolution, is there??

Next on the list is employment. I respect and once admired people who worked regular respectable jobs, having a regular salary every end month, having a desk where you put picture of your dearly beloved, have a desk plant a cactus maybe and probably #peopleofrongai etc… You get what I’m saying!?

These pips wake up early, press their clothes – official wear and report to work at 8am on average. Some people wake up in the wee hours of the morning, some hours that still can be called night to get ready and travel to work where the touts are Pharaohs and your salary the Israelites not forgetting the other permanent pharaoh we all walk around carrying, others have it as a cube and others as several cubes attaining the title abs. To a few they choose to spend some money for lunch while others carry something from home.

I love rongai Hehe… Why I say this is because, the people of ronagi who choose the latter option have a larger task. By this I mean, having to have a fridge which has a freezer compartment. My beloved people must pack their meals and freeze them so as to carry the food the next day for lunch. This is a requirement which I think was passed as law just recently in our diaspora. The food must be frozen so as to combat the heat, and the bustles that occur during travel. To top it up, the smell has to be frozen. Ever moved with someone carrying sonford fries and pieces of prosti… I mean grilled chicken yet you are starving!?  My people avoid this!

I still respect these people I however don’t admire them… As a matter of fact I question their talents and belief in self and the spirit of entrepreneurship, discovery and innovation!

I even forgot I was numbering stuff… Anyway I guess this is my last low to mention… They are however very many. However, due to time and my black tea is getting cold which I like to Imagine as a bottle of cold Heineken and the typing as me talking and chatting with my dad as we chill (hope dad u seeing this..organize this up there so that in the next life I’m still ur daughter but we can be in anaa country where it ain ‘taboo’ to have a drink with your daughter, I? ). Oh the last low… I was walking home carrying a tray of eggs when a guy riding a cart offered me a lift. I must mention that earlier on along the road he had warned me harshly of hitting me if I didn’t move so that ‘gari ipite’. The offer was maybe apologetic and sweet or maybe the world is full of dumb people and we need to question our education system and the basic logic of things… I walked home. They weren’t no ostrich eggs I mean, they had to reach home with the contents intact.

Pretty Prissy ❤


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