The Temptress

[ Here is a writer that wants to rule the world one ball at a time. Meet Canduh. A self proclaimed ball buster and a closet feminist. I say closet just to rustle the hornets nest. Well have a read and see for yourself. The Rackster plays a pretty good host. So welcome to my world. For more on her works take the time to visit her World of Random.]

His eyes are shut tight.  He’s breathing hard, fast, panting like a dog. Sweat is trickling down the sides of his face. He’s saying mumbling something but I can’t quite get the words. It’s about to happen. I keep stroking. His manhood gripped tightly in my hands. And finally, I feel the warm thick fluid pour into my hands. I see his face contort into some weird expression. His body twists and convulses as he pours his seed into my hands.  It’s an ugly sight. Men really are disgusting creatures.

After a minute, his breathing goes back to normal. He lays perfectly still, the dried tears in his eyes. He holds me tightly and whispers “Don’t ever leave me”. I stare back at him with soul-less eyes. It amazes me how the women of old allowed themselves to be oppressed by such weak creatures, creatures that could easily be controlled.  The fire in their loins being their kryptonite.

I hate being touched. Makes me lose control.  I wriggle out of his embrace, pick up my bag and tell him I have to be somewhere quick.


Growing up in Christian family teaches you to be submissive. At least that’s what everyone expects from you. You’re taught that a woman should teach herself the ways of the Lord. You should be pure. Never ask questions. Walk in the light. Become a “Proverbs” woman. You’re taught to be like Ruth, Sarah, Naom. You are supposed to be hardworking, to till your family’s land and once you get married, to make your man happy and slave away for him so that he may be rich.

And the reward for all this? Well, a prick gets to marry you, give you a title and make you bear his children. And if God forbid you happen not to bear children, you’re called cursed. A cursed barren vessel…what good is a fruit tree that does not bear fruits?

A woman should keep herself beautiful for her husband. She must never look at any other man. She is her husband’s property…

Growing up, I was sceptical about these teachings. This was not the woman I wanted to become. Besides, the amount of work one had to input to become this “Proverbs woman” wasn’t directly proportional to the output. There was nothing in it for me.


“Behold the handmaid of the Lord, be it done to me according to your word”.  Mary, the mother of Christ.A symbol of total submission and purity.

“You should be like the virgin Mary. Look up to her. Ask her to give you the grace to live a pure life as she did”

But no, I was and am not Mary. That is not the life for me.

Maybe Esther, a little bit. But not Mary


See, I am a woman. A woman reading from a different book. A woman who desires to find her own way, a woman liberated from the shackles of a male-dominated society. My priorities are twisted really. No one would understand why I am the way I am. I seek no validation either.

I am a woman who chose not to be touched unless I say so. A woman in full of control of whom she chooses to give or not give her body to; a woman unfazed by what people have to say about her. I desire the freedom to swim in the pools of my carnal desires and have they satisfied, however and whenever I want.

See, I have always hated stereotypes. And I loathe people having control of my life. And so I chose to take the steering wheel.

And they said I was headed towards a path of self-destruction and destitute. That I would never be happy; just an empty, bitter soul.That I was cursed, Lucifer’s daughter….But I’ve never been happier, I’ve never felt so powerful as when I have a man wrapped between my little finger. A man at my every beck and call; a dog to its master.

And once I tire and he no longer makes me happy, I show him the door. One must never become too sentimental to the things of this world. Just as they come, they must leave at some point. The secret to power is knowing when to pick some things up and when to drop them…I have quite mastered the art. Each day is a learning day.

You have to create the game and make the rules. That’s the only way you are assured of winning. The ball is in court, I’m total control. I’ve never felt so strong, so powerful.


I am a woman. I woman reading from a different script; they think I am lost, but I have never felt such clarity of purpose.

I want to use my femininity to empower myself. Being a woman should not be an disability, a sign of weakness.

I am that woman that looks up to Catherine the Great, an enlightened woman, a powerful woman, a woman that never feared to go against the wave that is society.

I read from the gospel of the great women before me, the Delilah’s, Cleopatra’s and Marilyn Monroe’s that were shunned upon by the society.The Temptress.

marilyn monroe

“If you have a vagina, you can rule the world”





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