Damn it! Let Me Be Free

Reality in Illusion

Being the devil’s incarnate must please you much homie,

Coz all you do is slander my name and pretend you’ve walked a mile with me,

Ain’t gonna ask, questions, I’m tired of people not letting me be,

Today, I break those shackles and set myself free.


What drives you? spit, anger, hate, jealousy?

Or is it the fact that you see me where you will never get even with a ladder given to you for free,

Does so much bitterness and malice give you an extra shot of testosterone?

Does it please you to always be the man manning the spite drone?


You must be a new breed of male homo sapiens,

One who prides himself in gossiping without a conscience,

I mean, men your age are settling down and chasing paper for a better living,

And you are just there, drowning in cheap liquor and hating like a jilted…

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