I am

I am

Reality in Illusion


I am a tree,

Though rooted, I am free,

Free to grow and feel the breeze,

Able to come back to life after every freeze.


I am a car,

After a gentle polish, you can’t see my scars,

Left out of the garage to stare all night at the stars,

All night at my concealed marks.


I am fire,

Making you flinch in your comfort zone is my desire,

Hoping that I burn all doubts and heat up desire,

In you,

To be better, and always aim to soar higher.


I am water,

I quench, but I also conquer,

Over lands, yes, those I was told were taken, yes I conquer,

Daddy told me if it’s what I want, I shouldn’t pause nor stutter.


I am a cliff,

A bad place to be when we got a tiff,

Coz I will tell you like it is, believe me, my tongue…

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