My Fix, My Saving Grace

Deep poetry. Have a read

Reality in Illusion

The wind blows and raindrops drip down the wind panes,

I touch my troubles and worries, their feel drives me insane,

I have been here before, I have been downed and outed by the pain,

I have tried freeing myself, but it all seems to be in vain,

So I let the wind blow desperation in me,

And the rain soaks me up in my pain, I can’t free me.


You sit beside me and say nothing,

You sense my turmoil and still say nothing,

I want you to say something,

I need you to say something,

I ask hard questions and all you do is stare,

Stare at me, no, through me, as if I wasn’t there,

As if my physical is invisible and my emotions are tangible,

I am naked before you, and you know I need care.

Why aren’t you talking? I need you to talk,


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