Help, I need to get laid.


As a writer it is so easy to become what has influenced you. This makes it difficult to find your own identity. As a result, I opted for isolation. This meant that there was a buffer between me and renowned writers. I shielded myself and allowed my style to develop on its own. I was majorly afraid how their works might influence me. Mainly, I was afraid that people would read my works and exclaim – “Ah, you write like…” to me this identity is important.

Every so often people will ask me my sources of inspiration. They want to know who I read, why I read them and what they should read. My answer shocks them. They do not understand why I do not read.  They will stare at me in disbelief and conclude that I am a liar. I might be – I do read budding writers like myself but that’s as far as it goes. I take pride in this.

The fact that people cannot pin point who exactly I emulate in my writings is proof that it is working or has worked. I have developed a wide spectrum of writing styles sometimes combining all of them to achieve an amazing piece. It has been a long journey and one that I cannot say has been easy.

However, I am happy with where it has brought me. It has opened me up to new experiences, diverse people and most importantly I got reacquainted with myself. But like any journey it has to come to an end. I am exhausted and thirsty. I need a drink from the never ending fountain of knowledge. So this is me breaking my book celibacy. I need to get laid!

Much like dating, when you’re out of the game for a while you get rusty. I do not want to pick up a cliché by the bar that’s already drunk and too easy to woo. Where’s the fun in that? No, I want the refined lady seated across the counter with her legs crossed. She will be the one sipping a cup of steaming latte and will ever so often look up her glasses over her PC and take in her environment. But for such I need a wingman. Today you are all my wingmen and ladies. Point me in the right direction – what should I read?


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