The Dark Angel 2


With three exams back to back Mike had no time for small talk. He never really got the girls attention and she must have thought she was doing him a favor.

“We all have to study Mike” said Jane.

She ran her fingers across his fore arm. For a moment he got lost in thought.  Jane, the most popular girl in the school was talking to him. He was skeptical. However, he played along.

“You don’t really need to. You score perfect A’s.” he replied.

Slowing down he let Jane catch up. She was holding her books close to her chest and her skirt flimsily swung around her knees as she walked towards him.  She was gorgeous he thought to himself.

“Hi” started Jane

“Hi” replied mike stretching out his hand.

She ignored his held out hand and reached for a hug. Her warm body squeezed the coldness out of Mike. People walking past them would look back. Perhaps they thought the hug lasted longer than it should – at least Mike did. He broke away and looked Jane in her eyes.

“What do you want Jane?”

“So he knows my name” the hint of sarcasm was heavy on this one.

“I want you to join my study group” she quickly followed up.

“Why?” he fired. He was very skeptical of Jane’s intentions. She never paid anyone attention unless she needed something.

“Most people would say yes without asking”

“I’m not most people” he said walking away.  Jane strutted alongside him.

“That’s not how you talk to girls Mark” she started.

Stopping in his tracks he turned and faced Jane.

“You don’t even know my name. Why would I be interested in anything you are offering?”

“Ummmh I’m sure it starts with an M”

“Mike! My name is Mike!” He was furious as he interjected. The nerve on this girl. She must have thought her world revolves around every guy in the school. But not Mike, he saw through her.

“Okay Mike, pleasure to meet you.” Said Jane with all the sincerity she could muster. She batted her eyelids a few times allowing her long lashes to give an impression of remorse.

This was two days ago. Now Mike was cleaning blood off his face. Jane was in the other room- applying make-up. Flashes from last night kept playing in his mind. He hated at how stupid he had been.  He had always prided himself on the fact that no girl could wrap him around her fingers. He was the one that always got away. To be honest he had nothing to offer. Looking up into the mirror rage boiled deep inside of him. A rage he had not felt in his life. He felt the blood course through his veins as he clenched his fist. The energy shot out of him and he punched his reflection. The impact shattered the glass into tiny pieces as blood splattered across the now broken mirror.

“What’s going on!” shouted Jane. She ran into the bathroom to find Mike holding his right fist in his left palm – bleeding.

“What are you doing? Are you stupid?” “Do you want your blood to be all over the place?” “All over our crime scene?”

Mike looked up, slowly, with intent gleaming in his eyes.

“Our! Who’s our? This is your crime scene!” screamed Mike

“I had nothing to do with this!” he continued.

Jane broke down into tears. Falling to the ground she buried her face in her hands. Her shoulders shuddered as she sobbed uncontrollably.

“I-i-i-i  kn-o-o-o-w, don’t r-r-e-e-m-ind me” she stammered in between sobs.

Pulling a classical damsel in distress Jane waited hoping that Mike wouldn’t call her bluff.


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