The Dark Angel 3

vw vintage dark angel

Lillian was having a hard time believing that Joe’s phone was off. His phone was never off. She tried calling it one more time. It was still off; this sent a chill down her spine. The last time they had spoken he had said he was on his way to see Jane. It was the middle of the night but she didn’t think to stop him.

Lillian and Joe were childhood friends. They had grown up together and their parents were fond of them. Lillian was quiet and reserved while Joe was more outgoing and adventurous. From their last conversation Lillian could sense that there was something weighing heavy on his mind. He promised everything would be okay before he stepped out. She no wishes she would have at least accompanied him.

But he was going to Jane’s. Jane never liked Lillian from the first day they met. Maybe it had something to do with how she was close to Joe. She let him go reminding him that he would have to explain things. He was all tensed up as he got into his vintage red VW beetle.  She watched as the old machine fired up and jolted along the road. That was last night, now Joe was nowhere to be found.

Taking a quick shower she resorted to going down to Jane’s. This wasn’t something she looked forward to. Thoughts of finding the both of them cuddled in bed flooded her mind. She cringed at the thought but if that was the worst case scenario then she could deal with it. She just needed to shake of the sick feeling that had settled in her stomach. Her instincts had the knack of always being right – she hoped this time they weren’t.  As she headed into the shower she whispered a silent prayer.

The knock startled both Mike and Jane.

“Hey Joe, open up!” came a voice.

The look on their faces betrayed them. They were petrified. They both knew there was no way Joe could answer the door. He was dead.

“What do we do?” whispered Mike in urgency.

Firmly pressing her index finger across her lips Jane hissed furiously.

There was more knocking until it suddenly subsided. They could see from the window a silhouette of a man. He was taking out his phone to dial.

“Shit!” exclaimed Jane in hushed tones.

“Where’s Joe’s phone?” she continued

Before Mike could answer a loud buzz sounded across the room. It was Jane’s phone. Sitting on the middle of the coffee table it rang. The silhouette outside the window tried peeping through the window.

“You guys better not be fucking!” he shouted

What followed was a hysterical laugh as he went.

“Must be one of Joe’s friends” said Jane

They both let out heavy sighs as they fell to the floor.

“Why did they think he was here?” Mike finally asked

“It must be his car. I think it is still parked up front.” Replied Jane

“I need to go. I cannot be here. I just can’t” Mike was panicking.

“Will you leave me? Here? All alone?”

“Yes, this is not my mess to clean up!”

“Oh, so it’s a mess now. You didn’t seem to think that while cuddling up to me last ni ght. His body wasn’t even cold yet!” replied Jane

“You’re not going anywhere!” she continued

Her voice was cold and her eyes sharp. Mike felt trapped in a bad dream.

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