The Day

sun set dusk





The cock crows, the wind blows

The night falls, the sun drops

The light fades away

The stars show the way

Tonight’s the night, today’s the day

I will give my heart away


You’ll be a slave, they’ll say

Lose your voice and have no say

Is that a price you want to pay?

Just to give your heart away

Think young man

Wait for the rising sun

Before it’s all said and done

Under the stars it all seems fun

Till you lose you and you’ve gone too far


But I’ll say let me be

There’s no price it’s all free

There will be no me it’ll be we

When the sun rise we will sing

You will be at the ceremony and you will drink

Won’t you eat to your fill?

Won’t you come bearing gifts?

Don’t you want me to feel?

The same thing you said was real


Then I will give my heart away and wait

Like a fisherman with a hook and bait

Wait till I am a slave

Wait till I have to pay

Wait to hear what they will say

Wait to dig my own grave

But for now I will give my heart today

Maybe I’ll just have paved the way



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