Money Sense


Money sense is a new segment on my blog that will cater for people in my age bracket. Just in case you need clarification I am talking to the twenty somethings and younger. If you are older it is never too late to jump on board – we don’t turn anybody away. We will be covering a plethora of topics not limited to investment, saving, relationships and money sense.

The most common thing with people my age is excuses. We have the tendency to justify why we are stuck in a rut. We find reason to blame everyone else but ourselves. But let’s face it; we are the only ones in a position to change our situation. While prayer is good for guidance and spiritual nourishment it can only take us so far. What we need is affirmative action.

Being in the same situation as you are I am in a position to take this journey with you. The best part is I don’t have to look down on you like I am some demigod. We are in the same boat – we can either rock it, end up sea wrecked or we can steer it into clear waters of financial freedom.

There’s not really much you need to know about me but for the sake of familiarity allow me to indulge you a little bit. Basically I am finalizing a degree in economics and finance and I have an ambition that’s contrary to my pint size. Based on information tidbits I’ve picked up from here and there and some professional analysis I will be highlighting our current economic status and how to reap from the situation.

I think for an introduction I’ve said as much as I need to. Welcome to money sense.


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