Her Limbo

So yet again Prissy is on my blog. She refuses to get her own. But I love her here it’s as much her home as it is mine


Her well-manicured nails dig deep into her mattress giving her a firm grip. Her body twists and turns as if

she’s trying to crawl out of her skin. Her toes, they are uneasy, with each twitch they grab the sheets

and the well-made bed is no longer in its sane state. Thuds audible enough for a second party to hear

leave her chest with every beat her heart makes. She grasps for air.

Passion? Her hands move from the mattress gracefully to her head; her silhouette displaying a

demeanor to behold. She simultaneously grasps for air deeply as she grabs hold of her short hair, he

would have liked this look on her. Sounds like her last breathe. Slowly, her eyelids lift, her vision blurred.

It’s dark!
souls damned
It’s silent outside too. All she can hear are the thuds of her beating heart, desperate grasps of air she’s

taking and the seemingly loud ticking of her wrist watch that’s on her bedside table. They are all

competing for her very much divided attention. Pleasure or pain, or was it both?

Deep from the bottom of her, she lets out a loud sob; loud enough to wake up her neighbors, who had

long fallen asleep. She knew this how? Well they were the kind to play loud music as long as they were

awake, friendly assholes though. At that hour, that very moment, she didn’t care if the whole world

heard her.

Her eyes well up in a matter of nano-seconds. A broken heart she bears, one that can’t be mended. She

tried alright? The happiness and joy only lasted as fast as it came. It was all temporary, all of it was,

everything was with the exception of the pain. She asks herself unanswerable questions that she had

before. From her huge eyes tears continue to flow.

Grinding her teeth, she gets up from her bed. Her vision blurred from the tears. She sits on the cold floor

beside her bed and in one swift move she reaches out and grabs something from the bedside table. A

silent scream escapes her puffy lips. As the warm fluid flows from her slit wrist her pain eases. The pains

were canceling each other out, her eyes slowly shut as her mind drifts into a world unknown, heard they

call it limbo.


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