The Dark Angel 4


Throwing on an old black hoodie that belonged to mike and a pair of faded blue denims paired with red rubber shoes Lillian left the house. There was no time to play dress up. The air outside was cold and they stung her nostrils as she took a deep breath. Rubbing her hands together she stuck them in the goodies pockets and begun walking towards Jane’s room. The cold breeze seemed to heighten her moods numbing her face.

Mike and Jane were leaving the house. Hastily locking up they walked as normally as they could towards Joe’s car. Keys in hand Jane opened the old bug and slid into the drivers seat. Mike hesitated, to him this was just wrong. Jane popped out of the car and gave Mike one of her stern looks.

“Get in!” She hissed.

She quickly followed this with a smile. It all came natural to her – too natural and this scared Mike. They got in and drove off. The old bug handled well thought Jane as they meandered through the streets.

“He loved this car.” She said to no one in particular.

“He loved you.” Said Mike to no one in particular.

The tension in the car was palpable.

Lillian thought she caught a glimpse of the red car dashing round a bend. Her heart almost leaped. If that was it then Joe was okay. He never let anyone else drive her. She wasn’t sure though. Pulling the hood lower covering her eyes she walked into the building taking the flight of stairs one at a time. Her breathing was heavy – she always hated coming to Jane’s place.

Landing on their floor she couldn’t help but notice that the curtains were still drawn. Yes it was still quite early but Jane was one of those stepford type girlfriends. Her house should be a scene off one of those seventh heaven series.  Well, that’s what Joe always said. She took one deep breath and knocked on the door. It was meek and barely audible. She was shaking. Taking another breathe she made a bolder knock. It resonated through the room. Sadly it wasn’t loud enough to wake the dead. She crossed her fingers waiting for Joe to open or at least Jane.

Parking outside Joe’s house Mike and Jane walked in the opposite direction. It was early Saturday morning and people were still asleep recovering from nights of debauchery. Anyone up was probably sourcing for emergency contraceptive pills or trying to cover up a murder.

“Do you have any money?” She asked

“What for?”

“We need some supplies.” She hissed

“So do you have any?”

Fishing into his pockets Mike searched for any form of currency he could get his hands on. He pulled out an old torn fifty shilling note.

“Is that it?!”

“Yeah, it is.”

“That won’t do.”

“What about a credit card?” Jane asked

Digging into his pockets once again Mike felt for his plastic cards. He could feel it in his pocket but was hesitant. Call it too many detective movies. So Mike lied.

“No I don’t, sorry.”

Jane sneered.


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